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 accordion, bbop.html.accordion
 add, bbop.logic
 add_edge, bbop.model.graph
 add_node, bbop.model.graph
 add_query_filter, bbop.golr.manager
 add_to_batch, bbop.golr.manager
 ajax, bbop.golr.faux_ajax
 all_dangling, bbop.model.graph
 all_edges, bbop.model.graph
 all_nodes, bbop.model.graph
 all_predicates, bbop.model.graph
 anchor, bbop.html.anchor
 apply_callbacks, bbop.registry
 batch_urls, bbop.golr.manager
 bracket, bbop.model.bracket.graph
 bracket_layout, bbop.model.bracket.graph
 browse, bbop.widget.browse
 button, bbop.html.button
 callback_type, bbop.golr.response
 clear, bbop.golr.manager
 conf, bbop.golr.conf
 conf_class, bbop.golr.conf_class
 conf_field, bbop.golr.conf_field
 crop, bbop.core
 debug, bbop.golr.manager
 default_sort, bbop.model.tree.graph
 destroy, bbop.widget.search_box
 distance, bbop.model.tree.edge
 documents, bbop.golr.response
 dominant_relationship, bbop.model.bracket.graph
 draw_accordion, bbop.widget.display.live_search
 draw_browser, bbop.widget.browse
 draw_current_filters, bbop.widget.display.live_search
 draw_error, bbop.widget.display.live_search
 draw_meta, bbop.widget.display.live_search
 draw_results, bbop.widget.display.live_search
 dump, bbop.core
 dump_brackets, bbop.model.tree.graph
 dump_cohorts, bbop.model.tree.graph
 dump_dist, bbop.model.tree.graph
bbop.html.accordion = function(in_list,
Create the a frame for the functional part of a jQuery accordion structure.
Add to the current stored logic bundle.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.add_edge = function(edge)
Add an edge to the graph.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.add_node = function(node)
Add a node to the graph.
this.add_query_filter = function(filter,
Setter for query filters (‘fq’).
bbop.html.accordion.prototype.add_to = function(section_info,
Add a contect section to the accordion.
bbop.html.anchor.prototype.add_to = function(item)
Add content between the tags.
bbop.html.button.prototype.add_to = function(item)
Add content between the tags.
bbop.html.image.prototype.add_to = function(item)
Add content between the tags.
bbop.html.input.prototype.add_to = function(item)
Add content between the input tags.
bbop.html.list.prototype.add_to = function()
Add a new li section to a list.
bbop.html.span.prototype.add_to = function(item)
Add content between the tags.
bbop.html.table.prototype.add_to = function(entries)
Add data row.
bbop.html.tag.prototype.add_to = function(bbop_html_tag_or_string)
Add content between the tags.
this.add_to_batch = function()
“Save” the current manager state to run later in serial batch mode.
this.ajax = function(args)
Fake call to jQuery’s ajax.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.all_dangling = function()
List all external nodes by referenced id.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.all_edges = function()
Returns an /original/ list of all added edges.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.all_nodes = function()
Returns an /original/ list of all added nodes.
bbop.model.graph.prototype.all_predicates = function()
Returns an /original/ list of all added predicates.
bbop.html.anchor = function(in_cont,
Create an anchor object.
this.apply_callbacks = function(category,
Generic runner for prioritized callbacks with various arguments and an optional change in context..
this.batch_urls = function()
Return a pointer to the current batch urls.
bbop.model.bracket.graph = function()
Extension of bbop.model.graph
this.bracket_layout = function(term_acc)
Largely borrowed from from the perl section on AmiGO 2.
bbop.widget.browse = function(golr_loc,
Contructor for the bbop.widget.browse object.
bbop.html.button = function(in_label,
Create a button object.
bbop.golr.response.prototype.callback_type = function()
Return the callback type if it was specified in the query, otherwise return null.
this.clear = function()
Clear all non-sticky query parameters to get back to a more “original” state.
bbop.core.clone = function(thing)
Clone an object down to its atoms.
bbop.model.edge.prototype.clone = function()
Get a fresh new copy of the current edge (using bbop.core.clone for metadata object).
bbop.model.node.prototype.clone = function()
Get a fresh new copy of the current node (using bbop.core.clone for metadata object).
bbop.model.tree.edge.prototype.clone = function()
Make sure that clone gets distance as well.
bbop.golr.conf = function (golr_conf_var)
Contructor for the GOlr query manager.
bbop.golr.conf_class = function (class_conf_struct)
Contructor for a GOlr search class.
bbop.golr.conf_field = function (field_conf_struct)
Contructor for a GOlr search field.
bbop.core.crop = function(str,
Crop a string nicely.
this.debug = function(p)
Turn on or off the verbose messages.
this.default_sort = function(a,
The default comparator function for ordering the brackets.
this.description = function()
A longer description.
this.description = function()
A longer description.
this.destroy = function()
Remore the autocomplete and functionality from the DOM.
this.display_name = function()
The user-facing display name.
this.display_name = function()
The user-facing display name.
bbop.model.tree.edge.prototype.distance = function()
Return an edge’s “distance”.
bbop.golr.response.prototype.documents = function()
Returns an array of raw and unprocessed document hashes.
this.dominant_relationship = function()
Given a bunch of relationships, return the one that is more “dominant”.
this.draw = function(field_name,
Render a temporary modal filter shield.
this.draw = function(item)
Render a temporary modal information shield.
this.draw_accordion = function(json_data,
(Re)draw the information in the accordion controls/filters.
Bootstraps the process.
this.draw_current_filters = function(json_data,
(Re)draw the information in the current filter set.
this.draw_error = function(error_message,
Somehow report an error to the user.
this.draw_meta = function(json_data,
Draw meta results.
this.draw_results = function(json_data,
Draw results using hints from the golr class configuration.
bbop.core.dump = function(thing)
Dump an object to a string form as best as possible.
this.dump_brackets = function(brack)
Dump brackets; for debugging?
this.dump_cohorts = function()
Dump the cohorts; for debugging?
this.dump_dist = function(in_arg)
Dump distances; for debugging?